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Centre of Excellence for Assessment

GL Assessment

 Broadclyst primary school has become a ‘Centre of Excellence’ for delivering effective assessments.

We work in partnership with GL Assessments to deliver a whole-pupil roach to assessment. We use a range of assessments to gain a complete understanding of each pupil’s learning needs including attitudes, ability and attainment. This allows teachers to make informed teaching and learning decisions, to track progress effectively and to provide evidence of progress to Ofsted and to key school stakeholders e.g. parents and the governing body.


We use a range of assessments to show a comprehensive pupil profile maximising the opportunity for every pupil to achieve their potential.


The Cognitive Abilities Test: Fourth Edition (CAT4) helps you measure each pupil’s potential and understand their learning preferences, providing reliable and accurate information for teaching and learning.

The CAT4 reports show a learner profile, which tells teachers whether a pupil has a verbal or spatial bias and their level of ability. GCSE, AS and A Level indicators are also provided as well as a Standard Age Score.


Showing where a pupil is at in maths, english, science and reading as well as their progress rate


The Progress Test Series New Group Reading Test and spelling tests are our key assessments of knowledge, understanding and progress. T


Could reveal why a pupil is not reaching their potential and whether there are any barriers to learning. Dyslexia and Dyscalculia screeners assess specific barriers. Where there are discrepancies between ability and attainment data, ‘Pupil Attitudes to Self and School’ (PASS) survey helps you understand why pupils may not be performing to their full potential. PASS can help you by identifying groups of pupils, such as fragile learners, or those who may be coasting in class.

We are holding a number of training courses looking at implementing assessments and analysing results.




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