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Research and Development


Year2a opt Alliance with University of Exeter

By forging a strong alliance with University of Exeter Graduate School of Education and the Director of Research, we have currently involved in several major pieces of international research and have had a track record of encouraging staff to engage with research methodology.


Reflective research methodology   

The strategic partner schools have also a strong ethos of reflective research methodology embedded in their school staff and have a number of research projects with outcomes being published in educational publications. This shared emphasis on the value of research is across the leadership of all the partner schools.


IMG 7546 optLesson studies with IRIS connect

This project combines the principles of lesson study as an approach that dramatically improves learning and teaching and the practice and subject knowledge of teachers, with the system of self review, peer review sharing, coaching and the building and sustaining of communities of practice promoted by IRIS. This project led by Gill Jordan and Di Hatchett will establish a lesson study project within the school supported by camera technology to bring about school improvement.

Dance3 optDance (in collaboration with DAISI and Dance in Devon)

This projects maps dance that is happening in primary schools and then looks at the benefits of project based dance, how to put dance theory into practice and the impact of teaching children how to be 'dance critics'. The project also looks at 4D dance and the use of technology within the creative arts.


More information about the 4D Dance Project

IMG 0421 optSTARS (in collaboration with Peninsular Medical School)

Supporting Teachers And childRen in Schools (STARS)

The Supporting Teachers And childRen in Schools (STARS) study is evaluating the Incredible Years Teacher Classroom Management (TCM) course developed by Professor Carolyn Webster-Stratton, a clinical psychologist. This cluster randomised controlled trial is investigating whether attending the course can increase teachers' classroom management skills, improving academic attainment and behaviour in the classroom. Those leading the trial want to see if the children enjoy school more and if this helps them learn better. TCM is an interactive, practical and reflective course which is delivered to groups of ten teachers. In the STARS study, teachers attend a one-day workshop every month for six months from November to May. The focus is on collaborative learning, discussions of teachers' own experiences and group work to find solutions to problems encountered in the classroom. The course is delivered by Advisory Teachers.

Library2 optLesson Study (in collaboration with Edge Hill University)

Lesson Study is school-based professional development, which aims to enhance teaching and learning through collaborative practice. It originated in Japan in the 1870s and was introduced to the west as an approach to professional development about ten years ago, following the success attributed to it in developing deep teacher subject and pedagogical knowledge. It has been used successfully in the UK to improve teaching, increase pupil progress and develop pedagogical approaches. The model to be used in the EHU Programme is based on that developed in England, which focuses the LS process on specific pupils, called case pupils, which also involves these pupils in the lesson review process (Dudley, 2012). An adaptation for this programme involves the inclusion in the Lesson Study team of a teacher who has developed specialist subject knowledge. This adaptation has been successfully piloted in over 40 English primary schools and involves groups of 3 teachers working through a structured process involving collaborative planning, teaching, observation and analysis of the impact of teaching on pupil response and progress. Specific features of both these pilots and the current programme are:

  •  Selection of 'case' pupils, identified by class teachers because of concerns about underachievement / insufficient progress and issues regarding the pupils' response to classroom teaching;
  •  A focus on the quality of 'talk for learning', in guided group sessions for both English and mathematics
  •  Involvement of a teacher with specialist subject expertise working alongside class teachers(for example as a specialist teacher for Reading Recovery or Numbers Count, as an AST, as the school's subject leader for English/ mathematics).

IMG 7574 optMOOCs and 21st Century skills

Massive open online courses to develop 21st century skills in collaboration with Microsoft. This enables teachers to access world class education for free and offers professionals the opportunity to create online courses.


IMG 7410 optCoping with the online world (in collaboration with Exeter University)

This project explores the different ways children learn online at home and school and how online technology fits into childrens' lives at home. Findings from this project will be used to promote good online use and creating resources to help schools work better with parents around online issues.


IMG 1609 opt2yr olds in schools

The study was designed by the National Children's Bureau (NCB) in partnership with Frontier Economics on behalf of the Department for Education (DfE) to examine approaches being taken to developing two year old provision among forty-nine schools.

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