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Meet Lauren, a former School Direct student, and hear what she has to say about her experience on the course





Lauren Osman from Cornerstone Academy Trust on Vimeo.

What former students say about our School Direct course

 "The School Direct course with Cornerstone Academy teaching school, for me, was the opportunity to combine valuable teaching experience with first class university distance learning through a highly regarded University.

After completing my undergraduate degree, I was excited to move forward with my teaching career. This course gave me the opportunity to become qualified in a more practical setting than the more traditional routes into teaching. Despite the classroom- based approach, the academic requirements of my PGCE course were not compromised and were delivered through weekly inputs, distance learning and visits from my university tutor. Alongside this, throughout the course, I had the unwavering support of my PST, Mentor and the rest of the teaching staff.

From the first day, I felt a valuable part of the teaching team and was able to attend training days and even residentials. As a result of this, I had the independence and confidence to enter into my first year as a teacher."

Joanne Illidge

School Direct Student, 2017-18 at Broadclyst School


 "I chose the school direct route at Cornerstone Academy because I think they are at the forefront of teacher training and I wanted the opportunity to work alongside highly trained professionals at an outstanding school. The school direct teacher training process gave me a realistic understanding of the expectations of being a teacher, which I would not have received from the traditional PGCE. Being someone who has had previous employment, I would recommend this route to any students who wish to take a more hands-on approach to gain as much experience as possible in their training year. Throughout the course, I had great opportunities to be immersed into the daily routine of the school which involved extra-curricular activities, day trips, a residential to Dartmoor and an active role within the classroom. The continued personal development received throughout the year allowed me to improve my teaching practice and support me throughout the training process."

Samantha Pearson

School Direct Student, 2017-18 at Broadclyst School

"School Direct at Broadclyst allows the trainee the security of knowing that they will be spending the lion's share of their course working in an outstanding school alongside highly-trained and supportive teachers. Unlike the taught PGCE, which only provides around 24 weeks of teaching experience, the School Direct programme offers the trainee a total of 40 weeks. This vast increase in contact time has allowed me to gain further experience of residential trips, training days, continuity through the academic year and a feeling of total inclusion as an important member of the teaching staff which I would not have otherwise experienced.

"The Masters modules are taught through distance learning, requiring the trainee to be very well-organised and self-motivated. As it stands, School Direct trainees at Broadclyst are given one day of each week to complete their university tasks away from school. However, the University Visiting Tutors are always available and fast to reply to my communications whenever I have needed their help.

"I feel that the School Direct at Broadclyst route to gaining QTS has given me a much more authentic experience during my teacher training than I would have received from the traditional PGCE, and I would recommend it to any students who wish to take a more hands-on approach to their teacher training. From day one I have been treated like a valued member of the teaching staff by everyone at the school, with additional duties and experiences that I would not have received had I been studying the traditional PGCE. Throughout the course, the school has been very thorough, yet flexible in my training, providing weekly teacher-led framework task sessions and going beyond the call of duty in fully supporting me in each of the enrichment experiences which I have requested."

Duncan Arnot

School Direct Student, 2013-14 at Broadclyst School

"School direct, for me, has married learning the theory of teaching with applying those lessons in a highly practical setting. Being a learn-by-doing minded individual, who benefits most greatly from active practice, I feel this course has suited me perfectly. The time spent at Broadclyst school, all but one half-term in all, makes this course unique, as the integration into the staff is much deeper than for a standard PGCE student who takes on multiple placements. As such I have had great opportunities to be absorbed into the way a school runs day-to-day, as a part of that mechanism, going on various school trips, including a residential on Dartmoor, being involved in running clubs and taking an active part in planning lessons for my class. These experiences are what truly excites me about this course and continues to improve my practice."

James Beevor

School Direct Student, 2013-14 at Broadclyst School

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